What Your Concrete Supplier’s Affiliation With CRMCA Means For You

//What Your Concrete Supplier’s Affiliation With CRMCA Means For You

What Your Concrete Supplier’s Affiliation With CRMCA Means For You

Hire A Concrete Supplier Affiliated With CRMCA and Your Project Will Benefit

A Look Into What The Carolinas Ready Mixed Association Stands For

The Carolinas Ready Mixed Concrete Association, or CRMCA, is a non-profit industry trade organization with members all over the Carolinas. The organization, established in 1951 by a group of ready mixed concrete producers and companies,  supplies materials, equipment, and services to the concrete industry throughout North and South Carolina.

The CRMCA provides its members with product promotion, industry advocacy, education and technical services. Now, the organization offers its members so much more, even making it their purpose to accomplish the following:

  • Present a single voice before State and Federal governments who play a role in regulating the concrete industry.
  • Provide a clearing house through which members may coordinate their efforts in solving common problems.
  • Remain dedicated to the overall expansion and improvement of the ready mixed concrete industry.
  • Sponsor educational programs, seminars and workshops to promote the latest advances in concrete technology.   
  • Create a platform to address other issues of interest to the industry.
  • Promote the highest standards of business practices among members.
  • Provide a service to the industry that better performs by a group rather than an individual or individual company.
  • Encourage the increased use and applications of ready mixed concrete to advance into new markets.
  • Enhance cooperation between the suppliers and and the providers of ready mixed concrete, which will benefit the industry and consumers.  

What Does Your Supplier’s CRMCA Affiliation Mean For Your Project?

The benefits of being a CRMCA member are obvious, but what do those benefits mean for you? It’s a good question. 

As a CRMCA affiliated supplier we’re able to take what we get from our membership and give it right back to you–our customers! (After you’re finished reading this blog, be sure to see the list of other professional associations we belong to.)

See the various ways you can benefit from having a Carolinas Ready Mixed Concrete Association supplier on your project.

1. A Wealth of Knowledge And Experience

The CRMCA fosters an environment where members can freely exchange innovative ideas, share experiences, discuss best practices, and tackle problems together. It’s an environment where members encourage each other to grow, find mentors, and gain new insight or knowledge–and that’s exactly what happens.

The CRMCA brings ready mix concrete industry producers and suppliers from all over the Carolinas together—so you can imagine this leads to some extremely productive conversations. And ultimately it’s YOU who benefits from the results!

2. Up-To-Date Education and Safety Training

The Carolinas Ready Mixed Concrete Association offers its members a number of educational and safety training opportunities. From educational seminars and industry related certificate programs to lunch & learn presentations and courses introducing new safety procedures–CRMCA members are provided with a full calendar of events and are welcome to attend as they see fit.

If furthering your own concrete knowledge interests you, many time the CRMCA organization offers their events to the public. Or, the supplier themselves will hold their own events to teach their customers what they’ve learned. That’s right, did you know we offered lunch-and-learn presentations?

Most CRMCA members dedicate themselves to advancing the ready mixed concrete industry. To do this, take steps to continue furthering their education. This should give anyone who might have a CRMCA supplier working on their project peace of mind. A CRMCA concrete supplier will have current knowledge of various procedures, materials, new techniques and more, allowing them to work in a safe, efficient, and sustainable way.

3. Access To Mutually Beneficial Partnerships Within The Industry

Networking is a well known benefit of joining any industry trade organization, and it’s certainly a benefit of belonging to the CRMCA. Through CRMCA, members have the opportunity to network with other Carolina ready mixed concrete industry players. This allows them to gain contacts, clients and most importantly, partners.

For you, this means if your supplier doesn’t know how to do something required of your project, or more often, doesn’t have the resources to do so, they know someone who does!

4. Shared Values

Over the years, members of the Carolinas Ready Mixed Concrete Association have realized just how big of an impact they can have on the local Carolina community. The organization regularly hosts events and fundraisers to spread awareness or raise money and members actively participate.  

Just a few months ago, members from the Concrete Supply Co. team sponsored and participated in a fundraiser through CRMCA for the NC PAC. And we didn’t stop there, see the other ways we got involved in the community throughout 2018.

For CRMCA members, community involvement typically goes beyond membership. Generally, this sense of responsibility to the community is apparent within their own company culture. We’ve certainly made it a part of ours!

Even more than community involvement, The CRMCA encourages its members who care about doing good for the earth. The CRMCA Active Environmental Committee meets annually with the North and South Carolina Department of Environmental and Natural Resources (NCDENR and SCDHEC). During these meetings, department members discuss the latest environmental issues and find solutions.    

If your company strives to do what’s best for the local community or places environmental sustainability high on its list of values, this is great news. Working with a supplier who shares your values will lead to a productive and successful project.

We’ve seen first hand the high standard of professionalism CRMCA members are held to. You’re sure to see the benefits of having a Carolina Ready Mixed Concrete Association affiliated member working on your next project. Locate one for your next job.

And be sure to check out our Guide to Pre-qualifying Suppliers to ensure your CRMCA ready-mix supplier is entirely the right company for the job.